Few of our mobile app projects

Yene stock (Global)

Easy portable inventory management anytime, anywhere with Yene Stock on your mobile device. Learn more

Yene Property (Global)

Rental Property management system. Learn more

Citi Taxi (ET)

Citi taxi offers taxi-hailing services all over Ethiopia in a simple user-friendly way. The Amharic language is added to ease the experience. The most visited location in your cities will be added to the tab for a faster experience. Learn more

Dunia Task (ET)

Whether you need a skilled handyman for home repairs, a professional cleaner, or any other service provider, our app is here to connect you with trusted professionals in your area. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily browse through a wide range of service providers, read reviews, and compare prices to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Motor derash (ET)

Motor derash is a company in the transportation sector based in Ethiopia that gives customers the chance to send and receive items on two-wheel motor vehicles in just a matter of minutes. It also gives rides to people who are in a hurry and need the service to get to the destination they want in a fast and reliable way.

Quiz Chewata (Game)

Play with friends and family to quiz chewata group battles and prove how smart you are.

Ethiopian Driving License Exam

Driver's license requirements in Amharic and English Pass the test by repeating the questions over and over again
1. Behavior: Technical: Motor unit questions
2. Sign questions
3. Play group with your friends
4. Activity videos
5. One for one game

Daylight Africa - showcase Africa

Daylight Africa Intends to showcase Africa and its beauties through the hard work of Africans living inside the continent and abroad. The sole intention of our app is a representation of Africa with its all diversity.

Genzebe (ET)

A dealer assistant. This easy-to-use app makes your deal more precise and effective. Manage all your deals in one app.

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