Yene Stock

The easiest portable inventory management app!


Stock in and out

Stock in and out quantity is applied to total inventory in real-time. All actions are saved in your general history.

Accurate Barcode scanning

Select product, insert quantity, and done! Smartphone barcode scanner will save you time inventorying.

Safety stock

With safety stock, you know when to stock your inventory! - Add quantity for the product's safety stock. - you can get notification when the quantity is low. - Easily check low quantity products at once.

Product Expiry reminder

Keep track of product sell by dates! - View products by there upcoming sell by date. - Get notifications before they expire.


  • Stock Report
  • Store Report
  • Business Report
  • Credit Report

FIFO/LIFO Average Cost method

Credit Sales reminder

And more..


Downloads & counting Both IOS & Android


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