Yene Property

Rental Property management system.


Rental properties are a great source of income for real estate investors. However, managing and maintaining the property is not that simple!

After you buy a property, you have to take care of its maintenance, advertise the property to find the tenants, and stay in touch with them to make sure their stay is comfortable. But it becomes challenging for real estate investors to manage multiple properties at a time. That’s where our property management comes in.

By using a professional property management software like [Yene Property], you can add significant value to your investment and can take some of the heavy lifting off your shoulders . By delegating management responsibilities to our software, you can focus on expanding your business operation and client base.

1. Show Rental revenue collected

2. Manage Tenant Details

3. Repair and Maintenance costs recorded

4. Timely and Proper Rental Collections

5. Show detailed report of income and expense

6. Show leases expiring

7. Overdue rent payments report

8. Profit Loss Summary

9. Tenant directory and Unrented unit report


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